Why Beer Soap?

Our Beer Soap is made with our own crafted Home Brew ranging from stouts to ales. Having made both beer soap and non-beer soap,  I believe that beer adds extra creaminess to our soaps .   Our beer soaps will each have different degrees of creaminess dependant upon the beer that we use , the amounts and types of hops, grains, malts, fruits and or nuts used when brewing our beer. If the soaps are left unscented there will be a faint light scent of the beer ingredients that will come through.

Hops, an ingredient found in beer,  itself is known for its relaxing properties . Hops contains poly-phenols thought to account for its anti-bacterial and perservative effects ( beers long life) and it also contains skin-softening amino acids.

Our Beer Soaps have a slightly different look as the beer gives our bars a distinct color and rustic look.

Do not worry, you will not smell like you just bathed in a bottle of beer, you will just feel the added benefits and your skin will thank you! There is no alcohol left in our soap after the process. Beer Soaps make great gfits for men! Especially if they love beer! Cheers :)